About us

We are a team of compliance and technology professionals. We have a shared mission to modernise compliance management through automation of core compliance processes. 

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What our clients say about us 

''I am passionate about the system.''

''The benefits to me as an individual are the time saving, it’s a much more professional system and having all my data in one place.''

''Another positive is oversight, for a company like ourselves. I have the overall view and can see everyone across the group; other people can just see what we want them to see.''

''The system has met our expectations and has delivered everything we want.''

Help your firm modernise its compliance management

My Compliance Centre’s founding team have a long and successful history in financial services regulatory compliance. We built one of the UK’s leading independent compliance consultancies for firms regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or the Prudential Regulation Authority and offered our first regtech solution in 2004.

We have seen first-hand how financial services firms are finding it ever more difficult to manage their compliance obligations using disparate Excel worksheets, documents and systems. Thinking there must be a better way, we undertook extensive research and were surprised to discover an under-served market.

We took up the challenge and developed some concepts. But what if there is no demand for a regtech solution? What if firms are comfortable with the status quo? What did firms really think and what is the ideal compliance management system?

To answer these and other questions we formed an industry steering group of compliance professionals from a broad range of financial services sectors. We took our design concepts and listened to them explain exactly what they would want from a compliance management system. We then worked tirelessly to deliver the vision that is now My Compliance Centre.

My Compliance Centre has been built by compliance experts for compliance experts.


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Manage and record attestations to policies.


Compliance Advice

Receive, manage and store compliance enquiries from staff, customers and other stakeholders.


Compliance Monitoring

Assign and track testing, monitoring and remediation activities through to completion.


Compliance Registers

Replace different Excel worksheets with a single system, keeping all your registers in one place.


Document Manager

Benefit from full version control, easily share documents and track receipt and acknowledgments. 



Track file reviews, manage remedial actions, complete quality assurance and produce management reports.


Boards & Committees

Manage your entire governance structure, with all key information in one place. 


Regulatory Change

Automated data feed of regulatory developments. Assign, track and manage changes to policies, procedures, systems and controls.


SMCR System

Keep your Senior Managers and Certification Regime on track and get the documents you need.


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