Automate your client file review process with FileCheckerâ„¢

FileChecker is helping insurance companies, insurance brokers, MGAs and other insurance intermediaries enhance governance, mitigate senior manager risk and simplify management reporting - while reducing compliance effort.



In their 'Dear CEO' letter to the insurance industry in September 2020, the FCA reinforced their position that insurance firms need to improve their controls over sales processes.

Automating file reviews has been shown to overcome key challenges, especially for firms which use an intricate network of Excel worksheets and other documents to manage their file reviews. Challenges such as managing the consistency of the reviews; gathering central management information for reporting; and tracking remediation and improvement tasks.

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We developed FileChecker to address the challenges facing insurance firms. View our short video to see how FileChecker works and some of its key functionality. Get in touch if you would like a personal demonstration or to answer any questions you may have.

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Key Features

Single system

Manage the entire cycle from the initial file review, to quality assurance checks and completing remedial actions.

Template builder

Select the appropriate file review template or create your own using the intuitive template builder.

Question types

Choose the question format (boolean, dropdown, text, numeric, etc.).

Improve engagement

Use multiple pages or sections in your file review to help organise and break up a long list of questions.

Set the marking system

Automated marking system allowing percentage, numeric or pass/fail result and an importance weighting.

Automatic fail questions

Select whether failing an individual question automatically results in a failed file review.

Allocate and schedule

Simple allocation and scheduling of file reviews and quality assurance audits to team members.

Quality assurance

Retain original and quality assurance marking results for analysis and review.

Reporting suite

Produce management information reports and use the export facility to put these into Excel or PDF format. 

Your own dashboard

Personalise your dashboard to give you a real-time view of the information that is important to you.

Improved visibility

Easily identify overdue file reviews.

Evidence compliance

Easy search facility and full history tracking to evidence your compliance.

Track remedial actions

Use Task Manager to assign and track remedial actions to completion.

User permissions

Establish roles and permissions that set functionality and data access for different users.


Web services API allowing you to extract information and data into your data warehouse.

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