June 2022 Newsletter

My Compliance Centre System Status and Update

Jenny Kenlin, Head of Customer Engagement
29 June 2022

We continue to enhance and develop My Compliance Centre with major enhancements and smaller usability updates. The last quarter was no different and I am pleased to confirm that a number of significant developments were released.

These include:

1. A major update to the Regulatory Change Management module, including:

  • A new dashboard-based interface, with full ‘drill down’ functionality
  • Advanced filters allowing more configurable searches
  • Fully centralised control of the news feed to different group companies
  • Optional delegated management of the news feeds to group companies
  • A new multiple dismissals option
  • Auto-filtering of the data feed by document type or sector (using the enhanced data feed)
  • And several other usability enhancements

2. The Monitoring Programme module was enhanced with a range of Task related enhancements, new Custom Fields and customisable RAG selections.

3. We have completed our first HR system integration to support user management.

4. The Attestations module has had multiple language support added. This means that colleagues in non-English speaking jurisdictions can have Attestations screens presented to them in their native language.

5.Across the system, ongoing smaller improvements and useability in all modules. This includes additional reminder e-mails, workflow and performance improvements.

The next quarter looks to be equally busy. We look forward to the release of our new data warehouse and reporting module as well as enhancements to the PA Dealing, Conflicts, Gifts modules and an improved main interface for all systems users.

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