My Compliance Centre System Status and Update

Jenny Kenlin, Head of Customer Engagement
30 March 2022

Central to everything we do at My Compliance Centre is, of course, the functionality of our system. This is something we work on day in, day out, in partnership with our fantastic clients who provide so much feedback, thoughts and fresh ideas. 

Our system now has 12 modules, with a number of new modules on the way.  Here is a quick summary of what you should have seen recently and might see soon:   

  • Custom workflow and a number of enhanced functions have been added to the Breaches and Financial Promotions Registers.  Similar enhancements will come to the Gifts and Conflicts register
  • The governance module now provides a calendar (ICS) file for colleagues that are invited to meetings for any given boards or committees, enhancing usability
  • The PA Dealing module has been significantly enhanced, with further improvements on their way
  • Of interest to multi-national groups, we are introducing multi-language support for colleagues in other jurisdictions who do not speak English.  The Attestations module is first
  • We are redesigning the front-end interface for a number of modules to add better graphical information and drill down functionality.  We will start with the Regulatory Change Management module in early April
  • Our data warehouse and reporting module is a major piece of work, but is well underway and should be released in version 1 by the summer, offering the ability for system users to write their own reports and to store those templates
  • And there are many, many other functional and usability enhancements being introduced across all modules including some major, and commercially sensitive significant system developments

Our sincere thanks to all those clients who provide such great feedback to enable all of these enhancements to become a reality.

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