How it works

My Compliance Centre has been designed by compliance experts for compliance experts, with the widest compliance functions in the market.  The My Compliance Centre system has been designed for maximum usability and effectiveness. 

Here’s how it works. 

The Modules

My Compliance Centre has a wide range of system modules. System users may use as many or as few modules as they need. 

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Workflow Enabled

Introduce approvals & reviews to key processes and create a smooth workflow between the compliance team and all other colleagues. 

All in One Place

Save time and increase resilience by storing all your key data in one place.


Permanent Audit Trail

Move your audit trail from e-mails to an interactive system with simple search facilities and a permanent record of all activity.  

Integrated Task Management

Review all compliance tasks on a consolidated basis, or by company, team or individual.  Enable auto follow-up to save time and manage outstanding tasks by exception. 

Comprehensive Reporting Options

View the real time status of your compliance using inbuilt dashboards. Export data to Excel, use inbuilt system reports or use our API to export data into your reporting system. 

Role Based Access to each Module

Provide every employee with the level of access to system modules that each individual needs, restricting access where required or providing management access for those that need it. 

Multi Company Groups

Use our group functionality to manage the compliance of as many legal entities as you want.  Provide each individual access to just the companies relevant to them. 

Flexible Configuration

Set up the system to work with your existing workflow and approval processes. Implement your own compliance framework and configure system drop downs and reminders as you want them. 

API Enabled


Use our API for enhanced reporting or to integrate My Compliance Centre with existing systems.

Email Reminders

Configure email wording for your environment and culture. Send reminders at the frequency that will work for your business. 

Straightforward Implementation Process

Use our simple and structured process to implement My Compliance Centre in line with your priorities and workload.  Gain the highest time savings and benefits quickly.   

Every system module generates tasks, which are assigned to specific individuals to be carried out

My Compliance Centre is a fully functional, cloud-based Compliance Management System, serving the compliance requirements and obligations of the compliance function and the wider team within regulated firms. 

My Compliance Centre recognises the broad range of compliance obligations of regulated firms, their compliance departments and the employees within them.  It brings alive and makes efficient the execution of those obligations and makes it easy for the compliance department to set and track them. 

My Compliance Centre has a wide range of system modules. System users may use as many or as few modules as they need.  Every employee’s access to each module, and the associated data, is precisely controlled, regardless of whether they are a team member, team manager, module or system administrator.   

Similarly, for multi-company groups, each employee accesses just the data from companies to which they should have access.   

Every system module generates tasks, which are assigned to specific individuals to be carried out.  E-mail reminders are simply configured and ensure all staff complete tasks on time.   

Flexible workflows, with configurable approvals, ensure that audit trails are held centrally on the system for critical cross departmental compliance processes such as Financial Promotions, Personal Account Dealing, and Breaches and Incidents. 

A central Task Management module displays all system tasks in a single place, making overall management of compliance activity much more manageable.   
And a wide range of reporting options ensure that management information is simply accessed, downloaded and analysed.   

Finally, My Compliance Centre can be used by regulated financial firms of all types, from small firms with simple business models to large firms with complex business models.  Our focussed implementation process ensures you are up and running, achieving time and cost savings, both quickly and efficiently.   

To find out more, investigate our system modules or book a demo.   

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