Financial Promotions

Manage your Financial Promotions using a flexible and configurable workflow to automatically process new Financial Promotions through to completion.    

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Record, Review, and Track Financial Promotions  

  • Create and customise your own Financial Promotion approval forms and checklists.

  • Automate workflow between Marketing and Compliance to create a smooth process of Financial Promotions creation, review and approval.

  • Automatically update the Financial Promotions register.

  • Auto-expire Financial Promotions to ensure ongoing compliance of marketing activities.

  • Manage access to Financial Promotions records and processing depending on employee job role.  

See the big picture, drill down to the detail

The Financial Promotions register provides a complete picture of your current and future Financial Promotions.

Drill down to get details; see what actions are outstanding for current Financial Promotions or new Financial Promotion requests. 

Add actions, review approvals and expiry dates. 

Manage your compliance obligations with clarity and confidence 


Financial Promotions is a module of My Compliance Centre. A compliance management solution that has all the tools you need to comply with your regulatory obligations.  

A single, shared and integrated platform that brings clarity to your compliance management and gives your compliance team, senior managers and board the knowledge that you have everything under control. 




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