We offer attractive pricing for start-ups, small or medium sized business and for larger groups of companies.

We offer attractive pricing irrespective of your size - whether you're a start-up, a small or medium sized business or a large complex group of companies. Our pricing is based on two factors:

  1. The number of employees you have.
  2. Whether you would like: A) the core modules; B) one or more of the expansion modules; or C) a combination (choosing the right modules for you).

We believe that our clients will get more value by offering all relevant staff and retained consultants access to My Compliance Centre. That's why we don't charge a licence fee for each individual user. Instead for a single fixed fee, relevant to the size of your business and the modules you require, you can have as many user licences as you would like.

What are the core and expansion modules?

Core modules are Compliance Advice, Compliance Monitoring, Compliance Registers, Document ManagementGovernance and Regulatory Change

Expansion modules are SM&CR System and FileChecker.

You can choose the core modules with or without any expansion modules. Or you can choose one or both expansion modules without the core modules.

No matter which modules you choose, you get the powerful Dashboards and Task Manager and enjoy outstanding client service and support to help you get maximum value from My Compliance Centre.