Why us?

There are a wide range of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) systems on the market.

My Compliance Centre is strongly differentiated.

''In our group we have different types of business, different cultures – we need to set the tone centrally and have transparency and consistency across the group. My Compliance Centre allows us to do that. There is a strong benefit to doing things consistently across the board.'' Client Feedback

My Compliance Centre is strongly differentiated

My Compliance Centre is a GRC system in the broadest sense, but it is also designed and developed purely from the perspective of a regulated financial services company and is not suitable for non-financial services firms. 

This means it is much more effective for regulated firms. The system leads with the automation of compliance processes, from the angle of the compliance function, and in the context of the multiple stakeholders it needs to manage: colleagues, the board and regulators. 

Our Core Concept is Different 

To understand why we are different, just look at the core concepts underpinning our thought process and system design:
Some compliance management systems were designed to answer the question: “what should we automate to ensure our employees maintain compliance?” 
My Compliance Centre was designed to answer the more rounded question of; “what processes should be automated to allow the compliance function to execute its wide-ranging responsibilities effectively and efficiently?” 
This is a much broader question leading to a more functional and sophisticated solution. 
Some other compliance management systems have been built by compliance consultancies to complement their core services. 
My Compliance Centre has been built by compliance professionals, but from within a focused and dedicated technology firm, where building a compliance management system is not a secondary activity but the primary and only focus of investment and resources over the long term.   
Importantly, My Compliance Centre is ‘content agnostic’.  We do not lock your company in to any given set of compliance policies or 3rd party consultancy service and My Compliance Centre can be used in conjunction with any number of external parties, if required.   

A Compliance Platform for the Future  

My Compliance Centre is designed to be pragmatic and commercial. 

My Compliance Centre clients report a wide range of tangible benefits: high ROIs; a platform that supports business growth; a much closer relationship between the compliance function and the wider company; easily accessible audit trails; management information on tap and the simplification and automation of processes only ever managed via inefficient spreadsheets and e-mails previously. 

We also nurture and protect our clients through their implementation of My Compliance Centre to ensure that they receive the quickest possible return from the system.   

Please contact us today to see a demonstration and discuss how My Compliance Centre can support your management of regulatory compliance.  

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