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System Updates

Autumn 2023


Release of v2 of SMCR to bring further configurability – refer to the spotlight on SMCR for more details. 

Compliance Advice 

Enhanced Export from CAR Register 

  • Amendments to the tags and topics section, allowing custom fields to be linked to a particular topic 
  • When a user selects a topic for a compliance advice request they are then presented with additional custom questions to ensure the compliance team get the right information 


We have added hyperlinks to tasks to make it easier for users to complete follow up tasks when looking at the completed file. 

From the completed file, all tasks can now be viewed/completed by clicking on the link as demonstrated below: 

System Updates My Compliance Centre

Details regarding autofailed reviews have now been added to: 

  • The report – When clicking Show Report, details of autofailed questions are now shown. 
  • The Review Page – when a file has been sent for QA, allowing a QA reviewer to easily see where a file has autofailed. 
  • In the result column on the FileCheck Register 

Document Manager 

Adding Files / Documents 

  • When using folder structures, a document will now be added into the folder you select. 
  • For bulk upload, users can select the appropriate folder for upload. 
  • Moving Files / Documents 
  • Files can now be moved into sub-folders where required. 

PA Dealing Register 

  • Small amends to the confirmation reports to include the time stamp within reports / exports 
  • Display PDF reports to managers within the system 

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