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Dear Clients and Partners,

Since our last newsletter, the world is moving on a pace, and no industry or society is untouched by global events. We wish the very best to all of our clients and partners in navigating these turbulent times to the calmer waters we all hope for. 

Political change often has an immediate impact on regulation. In this newsletter we consider the future of regulation in the context of the natural tension between regulators’ and politicians’ contrasting view of the world. The new government’s approach to regulation during a time of economic turbulence is as predictable a Donald Trump fib. But will regulators follow suit?  

The FCA is also underway with major reform initiatives which will affect a wide number of firms in different ways. The Consumer Duty regulation is far reaching, and I fear the FCA expects to use it to ‘free the market’ of a number of firms it does not like who simply will not be able to comply with its onerous requirements. 


Similarly, the reform of the Appointed Representative regime, carried out under the shadow of the failure of Greensill Capital and the resulting investigation, will be equally far reaching for firms, should the FCA choose to follow through and enforce those not complying. Our newsletter considers the way in which a Compliance Management System can help all firms affected by these changes and looks more broadly at the contrasting future of regulation, depending on which regulator you look at.

The RegTech market also continues to develop at an encouraging rate. I have read various industry forecasts all predicting massive ongoing adoption of RegTech, and this reflects the interest we are experiencing ourselves in My Compliance Centre and the benefits it delivers. There is a growing realisation that technology support is a requirement given the complexity and cost of modern-day compliance. Fans of management models can spend their weekends trying to apply the classic ‘technology adoption lifecycle’ to RegTech!

Our regular features include:

Wishing everyone the very best during difficult times.

Ben Mason, CEO, My Compliance Centre

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Compliance Quote of the Quarter

“I want – we all want – a regulator who empowers."

John Edwards, Information Commissioner, July 2022

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 We think this is a wonderful quote, that aspires for so much, and is so difficult for financial services regulators to deliver. It has got us thinking: is it possible that such an approach could possibly be adopted by the FCA and PRA?  The implications would be far reaching.

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