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Enhance your compliance monitoring programme

Ben Mason

8 July 2021

Compliance Monitoring is at the heart of a compliance department’s activities. It is compliance monitoring that evidences a firm’s compliance and proves to all stakeholders – from the board to the regulator – that a firm is meeting it’s regulatory obligations and takes the management of compliance seriously.  

Most firms manage their compliance monitoring programmes using a series of Excel worksheets. This causes a range of challenges and swallows time in spreadsheet administration that could be spent in more rewarding ways.  It makes it difficult to track tasks and to automate task management and reporting. It is time consuming to keep pace and stay in control. 

Many firms are now turning to automated systems such as the Compliance Monitoring module within My Compliance Centre. This automates the process, enabling you to:

  • Create one or more monitoring programmes
  • Schedule and assign monitoring activities
  • Record monitoring results and track remedial actions
  • View the status of your compliance monitoring real time and easily produce management reports

You can view a short demo of the Compliance Monitoring module below: 

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