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What to look for when buying a Compliance Management System

12 May 2022

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Fiske PLC Case Study

8 April 2022

"When I joined the company we had a room full of lever arch files. I knew that we had to do something to enhance our effectiveness and efficiency. We needed a technology solution that would help with the daily tasks that a modern-day compliance department has to manage.

Leigh Middleton-Ross, Head of Compliance, Fiske plc


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March 2022 Newsletter Published

31 March 2022

Welcome to the Spring 2022 edition of our Newsletter, which includes articles that analyse which regulators are most active, the standout notification of the year and the Unintended Consequences of Regulation.


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Reasonable Steps and SMCR

15 March 2022

One of the biggest challenges facing Senior Managers who are regulated under the FCA's SMCR duties is ensuring that they have taken proportionate ‘Reasonable Steps’.

Ben Mason, CEO of My Compliance Centre looks at the challenges and practicalities of the reasonable steps obligation. 

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My Compliance Centre supports Mazars Financial Planning’s GRC during a period of high growth

25 February 2022

My Compliance Centre is delighted to be partnering with Mazars Financial Planning to support the ongoing development of Mazars’ Governance, Risk and Compliance processes.  Mazars went through a comprehensive selection process, evaluating market provision from a range of providers before selecting My Compliance Centre. 

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Case Study of Compliance Management in a Small Firm

28 January 2022

“It does not matter how well you are doing at the other stuff – compliance can trip you up.”


December 2021 Newsletter published

16 December 2021

Welcome to the first editon of our Newsletter, which includes articles that analyse which regulators are most active, the standout notification of the year and the compliance quote of the year.

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Document Manager Module launched

30 November 2021

A new module that forms part of the core offering. Document Manager allows you to put all your compliance documents in one place and provides full version control and monitoring. 

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Recorded Webinar: automate compliance, elevate your profile

Available on demand

Ben Mason will show you how to say goodbye to tedious and unnecessary admin and free up your time so you can focus on adding more value to the business.

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What's your compliance comfort blanket?

7 October 2021

Most compliance professionals rely on Excel to manage there compliance. But managing your compliance using Excel can get very uncomfortable. Watch this video to see a simpler way.


Helping UKFCS gain confidence and peace of mind

5 October 2021

An additional insurance policy: discover how My Compliance Centre’s flexible system gives UKFCS Mortgage Specialists peace of mind and the confidence to grow.


Compliance function: a roadmap to the future

27 September 2021

What are the features of an ideal compliance function? Use our four-stage model to map where you are on the continuum of sophistication and practical steps you can take to reach the next level.


The iPhone of compliance

23 September 2021

My Compliance Centre brings iPhone simplicity to your compliance headache. We make compliance beautifully simple. Watch our short introductory video to see how we can make a difference to your compliance.


Future of RegTech: listening to the buyers

22 September 2021

it was great to see the FCA publish research in June looking at RegTech from the buyers’ perspective. I’d like to delve a little deeper and share with you my opinion on four key points.


Robust compliance with time to spare

22 September 2021

Robust and accurate regulatory compliance that takes less time and cuts overheads. As evidenced by an independent stockbroking and investment management firm. This is their story. 


Enhance your compliance monitoring programme

8 July 2021

Many firms are moving away from spreadsheets to automated systems to save time; make management reporting easier; and to access better management information.


New video published

5 July 2021

A new video published today offers an insight into My Compliance Centre and many of the features and benefits that are attracting an increasing number of firms of all sizes to look closely at integrated compliance management platforms.


Enhancing governance at the point of sale

11 June 2021

The FCA's 'Dear CEO' letter to the insurance industry in September 2020 reinforced that firms need to improve their controls over sales processes.


Julian Alexander joins as CTO

9 June 2021

Julian Alexander joins as as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), with responsibility for technology, systems development and infrastructure management. 


Choosing a compliance management system

18 May 2021

There are many issues to consider when buying a compliance management system. Our ten point guide will help firms, particularly choosing a system for the first time.


Tom Willoughby joins My Compliance Centre

14 May 2021

Tom Willoughby joins as Business Development Director. He brings a wealth of experience particularly from the hedge fund and investment management sectors.


Selected for PwC Scale | WealthTech programme

22 April 2021

My Compliance Centre is extremely excited to have been selected as one of just nine firms to join PwC's 2021 Scale | WealthTech programme. 


My Compliance Centre launches

24 November 2020

My Compliance Centre is a compliance management platform with a wide array of functions closely mirroring the activities of a compliance department


There's a better way

Modernise your compliance management with a single, shared and integrated cloud-based solution. Specifically designed for firms that offer regulated financial services and in sectors that include Asset Management, Banking, Capital Markets, Consumer Credit, Corporate Finance, Fintech, Insurance, Investment Management, Payment Services, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Wealth Management.

Enhanced governance

Stronger governance

Complete transparency and visibility of your compliance management, enhancing the ways in which you think about, identify, and manage your regulatory risk.


Evidences your compliance

My Compliance Centre offers a complete audit trail so that you can easily evidence your compliance to your board and, if they were to ask, the regulators.

achieve more

Increases confidence

Get a bird's eye view or drill down into the detail. With this information at your fingertips, you can be confident that you are on top of everything.


Reduces compliance risk

Ensures your compliance framework keeps pace with regulatory developments. Gives you visibility of all scheduled and ad-hoc tasks and remedial activities.

Single source

Single source of truth

One integrated platform so you can be sure to find the information you need, when you need it, without any fuss or version control confusion.

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