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Release Date: 19th June 2013

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Gurpreet Singh Chadda faced severe sanctions from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for misconduct in his sale and rent back agreements. Trading under the names Red2Black and B&L Homes, Chadda was fined £945,277, his Part 4A Permission was cancelled, and he was prohibited from performing any function in relation to regulated activities.

The FCA’s investigation revealed multiple breaches between June 2009 and January 2010. Chadda misled sellers about being the purchaser of their properties when, in fact, the buyers were third parties. He violated FCA rules by failing to inform sellers that these purchasers were not regulated by the FCA, meaning the usual protections did not apply. Furthermore, Chadda knew these purchasers were securing mortgage finance through false representations.

Chadda was found to have conducted independent valuations falsely or not at all, significantly underestimating property values to his financial advantage. He retained the difference between these undervalued amounts and the properties’ actual sales prices, costing the sellers substantial financial loss. Additionally, Chadda imposed excessive charges for arranging these transactions and created misleading transaction documentation.

His conduct demonstrated a lack of honesty and integrity, prompting the FCA to determine that Chadda posed a risk to consumers and the financial system. The FCA’s actions against Chadda are intended to uphold market integrity and protect consumers, highlighting the importance of transparency and honesty in financial dealings.

This case serves as a stark reminder to other firms and individuals in the industry of the critical need to adhere to regulatory standards and the severe consequences of misleading regulatory authorities and clients.

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