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Release Date: 5th November 2014

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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has imposed fines totalling £928,000 on three former senior executives of Swinton Group Limited for their roles in mis-selling insurance add-ons. This action builds on previous penalties levied against Swinton, including a £7.4 million fine in 2013 for aggressive sales tactics and a £770,000 fine in 2009 related to PPI sales failures. The executives involved are Peter Halpin, former chief executive; Anthony Clare, former finance director; and Nicholas Bowyer, former marketing director.

Peter Halpin, who has also been banned from acting as a chief executive of a financial services firm, was fined £412,700 due to a lack of competence in overseeing Swinton’s operations, particularly failing to address compliance issues and ensure fair customer treatment. Anthony Clare, fined £208,600, is banned from performing significant influence functions due to his failure in overseeing the compliance department and recognising risks in Swinton’s business strategy. Nicholas Bowyer, fined £306,700, is similarly banned for his central role in developing and marketing the problematic add-on policies.

The FCA highlighted that a culture prioritising sales over customer welfare was prevalent at Swinton, driven by the potential for the directors to receive substantial bonuses under an incentive scheme. This culture led to significant consumer detriment, as the focus on profit overshadowed the fair treatment of customers.

Key Takeaways for Other Firms:

These fines and bans serve as a stern reminder from the FCA that it holds individual executives accountable for their actions and the broader impact of those actions on consumer trust and market integrity.

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