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My Compliance Centre – System Updates Q3 2022

My Compliance Centre - System Updates Q3 2022 My Compliance Centre
  • Compliance Monitoring Module
  • System Architecture and Layout
  • Group Companies
  • Teams Optimisation
  • Filechecker
  • Personal Account Dealing
  • Conflicts

Central to everything we do at My Compliance Centre is, of course, the functionality of our system. This is something we work on day in, day out, in partnership with our fantastic clients who provide so much feedback, thoughts and fresh ideas. 

We are excited to share that My Compliance Centre received a number of system updates in the last quarter, with some major developments planned over the next few months. 

The new enhancements include:

 Compliance Monitoring Module

  • Plan lockdown – Any given Monitoring Plan can be locked down, so only named users can access it and admin users cannot access it. This enhancement has been developed to facilitate use by Internal Audit Functions.
  • Users can now save a series of comments for a testing activity, rather than continuing to overwrite the same one.
  • The approvals process for testing activities has been made clearer. Testing activities awaiting approval are tagged in the table, and a banner is shown at the top of the testing activity pop-up screen.

System Architecture and Layout

  • We have implemented a substantial architectural change to the platform, removing screen loading delays and enhancing the login process.
  • A new user interface look and feel has been implemented giving users a more intuitive experience and a system layout that is more pleasing on the eye and easier to use.

Group Companies

  • A number of enhancements have been implemented to the handling of Inactive Group Companies, ensuring consistency of data and processing. 

Teams Optimisation

  • The Teams module has had a major rework, improving performance and processing of Teams and employees within them.


  • A Bulk Upload facility has been introduced for FileChecker, making it simple to create multiple File Reviews from 3rd party data.
  • A new link has been added to the parent File Review within the Follow Up Task pop-up, so users can go directly to related files when completing tasks.
  • The Custom Fields tab has been updated and optimised in line with other modules.
  • Various other small features have been introduced to FileChecker, making it easier to use and improving performance.

Personal Account Dealing

  • Three new 3rd party security feeds have been added to the system to allow users to connect to 3rd party “hot lookup” services. This enables employees to search for specific securities and select from the third-party list to retrieve security type, currency, ISIN number etc.
  • A new feature has been added to facilitate cancelling of trades.
  • Some additional new functions have been added to the Security Register, to offer clients a multitude of ways to manage the Security Register and employee’s holdings. Securities can be marked as private, employees can add unlisted securities and employee’s  holdings can optionally be hidden.
  • Securities can now be added without a security ID.
  • Admin Managers can now add attachments to a PA deal after the PAD request has been completed.


  • Administrators can now require user comments when selecting particular conflict types.
  • A number of additional fields have been added to conflicts including custom fields.
  • A Conflict Owner can now be added to each conflict.

Our sincere thanks to all those clients who provide such great feedback that enables us to enhance our system and make these improvements become a reality.

Written by:

Jenny Kenlin, Head of Customer Engagement
27 September 2022

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