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System Updates Q4 2022

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Central to everything we do at My Compliance Centre is, of course, the functionality of our system. This is something we work on day in, day out, in partnership with our fantastic clients who provide so much feedback, thoughts and fresh ideas. 

We are excited to share that My Compliance Centre received a number of system updates in the last quarter, with some major developments planned over the next few months. 

My Compliance Centre System Releases: October – December 2022

  • Related individuals - this new functionality allows users to be linked to the file and where permissions allows a user to see the completed file and related tasks.
  • Bulk Uploader – This functionality has been extended to allow Managers and Senior managers to upload files for their team or group.
  • We have added functionality for admin managers whereby files that have been completed previously can now be edited and updated. This will allow for simple mistakes to be rectified rather than having to move the file through the QA process.
 Boards and Committees
  • Changes to the team role and following discussion with clients, we have opened up the system to allow any member of a committee to view and edit meetings, add documentation and actions as required.
  • Tasks/Actions from meetings to be assigned to multiple users - New functionality allows a single task to be distributed to several staff.
  • Updates to the email tracking for Accept/Decline for meetings - When enabled within the module, when emails for meetings are sent with an attached ics. file, when a calendar invite is accepted or declined by users this will now be reflected within the system.

A new release of this module brings a new enhanced approval workflow:

  • Two Level Approval
  • Differing Approval Levels
  • New Settings and Configuration

Considerable changes have been made to the Questions Manager section of the Attestation module. This will allow more flexibility when setting up question sets. The amendments allow:

  • Easy view of the sections and questions linked to a question set.
  • The ability to:
    • Choose correct (positive) responses
    • Force Comments ad Attachments on responses
    • Choose whether N/A options are required
    • Choose to flag attestations or questions as required

Our sincere thanks to all our clients who provide such great feedback that enables us to enhance our system and make these improvements become a reality.

Written by:
Jenny Kenlin, Head of Customer Engagement
15 January 2023

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