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Welcome and happy spring!

I am delighted to share our quarterly newsletter. Writing this, I simply could never have imagined that I would be reflecting on a global challenge worse than the pandemic. Our team’s thoughts are constantly with everyone affected by the unfolding war and humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine.

Closer to home, we continue to enjoy life as a young and innovative RegTech and FinTech firm. So much is happening in our sector. Motivated by the dynamism we are seeing; I have taken the opportunity to reflect on the ‘Up and Up of RegTech’.

We also have our regular features:

  • Welcome to our Community, where we welcome some new high-profile clients.
  • Quote of the Quarter, where we examine the suggestion that compliance needs to be “dragged into the 21st century” (I thought that was a bit strong!).
  • And, our Regulator Watch tracks regulators’ activity levels and emerging regulatory themes. Regulators’ activity really surprised me this quarter – find out why and what is really concerning me. 
  • Our System Status and Update confirms some of the numerous feature upgrades coming to My Compliance Centre.
  • We are strongly aware of the challenges faced by both Senior Managers of regulated firms and the sector. We reflect on how we can assist Senior Managers in managing their responsibilities and Reasonable Steps in practical terms.
  • We are also proud to publish the first in a series of articles about the Unintended Consequences of Regulation, inspired by Barclays’ recent fine. 

As always, thanks for reading our newsletter and to our fantastic clients for the ongoing partnership we enjoy with you.

Ben Mason, Chief Executive Officer

E:[email protected]

T: +44 (0) 20 8017 8273

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Regulator Watch

We like to keep an eye on our primary regulators and what they are up to. Using our automated regulatory data feed, we've analysed which regulators are most active and the standout notification of this quarter.

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Featured Article

In our featured article this quarter, Ben Mason, CEO of My Compliance Centre, explores the onward development of the RegTech market in 2022 and the impact of this growth on Senior Compliance Officers.

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Compliance Quote of the Quarter

‘The trick is to drag compliance into the 21st century'!

 RegTech Landscape – Fintech Circle's quote alludes to us dragging compliance into the 21st century. This has struck a chord with us and Tom Willoughby, Business Development Director at My Compliance Centre, shares his views.  

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Platform update

Our System Status and Update confirms some of the numerous feature upgrades coming to My Compliance Centre

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Welcome New Clients

We are delighted to welcome new clients to the My Compliance Centre community. 

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News from Maronka

Maronka is the primary school that My Compliance Centre sponsors in Sierra Leona. What the children go through to get an education is inspiring.

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