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Release Date: 11th December 2015

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The FCA fined Paivi Katriina Grigg £14,807 for failing to comply with Statement of Principle 6 while performing her role at Financial Limited and Investments Limited. Her failures included not properly identifying, managing, or controlling the increased risks arising from the Firms’ business model, which gave a high degree of freedom to ARs (appointed representatives) and RIs (registered individuals) in advising customers. Key failures highlighted in the final notice included an inadequate initial review of the risk management framework, failure to implement an adequate risk management framework, insufficient identification and documentation of risks impacting underlying customers, and the provision of low-quality and irrelevant management information (MI) to the Group Board. Additionally, she misunderstood her role in managing risks to underlying customers and failed to manage internal audit activities effectively.

Key takeaways for other firms:

By adhering to these principles, firms can better protect themselves from regulatory penalties and ensure the fair treatment of customers.

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